A Moda In Foco: The role of women built in shapewear dress in shaping

The role of women built in shapewear dress in shaping


Many times you must have been browsing for hours looking for clothing promotions. Or perhaps looking for a store that offers quality pieces that enhance your body. I bet it was wasted time...

As time is worth its weight in gold, you need to invest in clothes that are assertive, which can transform your life as they are transforming that of many other women. A body shaping dresses gives you the perfect body and a powerful image figure. Let's check some suggestions?

1-Built-In Shapewear Slip Maxi Lounge Dress

A Soft Modal Loungewear 8 in 1 maxi dress is the decision of the woman who has a leadership role in a company, but it can also be perfect for the one who leads her home and children. There are no limits when it comes to this shapewear dress because it can be adapted for any occasion.

It is available in eight sizes (XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL, 3XL, 4XL) and several colors ranging from more neutral tones like black and light brown to colorful pieces like pink and coral.

It has body shaper underneath that shows no markings, being the perfect secret of the modern woman who wants to have a straight body, since no one will notice that you are using shapewear. Through the double-layer fabric in the abdomen area, it flattens the belly and builds the hourglass shape.

2- Built-In Shapewear Off Shoulder Mini Dress

If you are a woman who likes to have fun, you will want to look impeccable to attend scheduled social gatherings. That's why you should invest in a strapless shapewear slip with bare shoulders. This is an extremely hot trend this year and shows how well you are playing her role as a woman of fashion.

It is composed of 4-way stretch material like 54% Nylon + 46% Spandex fabric. It is made of mesh fabric in strategic areas:

  •        Lining mesh fabric: It is breathable and does not feel stuffy.
  •       Mesh fabric in the abdomen area: Utilizes double layer features to deliver a soft and flat looking tummy.
  •        Mesh fabric on leg panels: The mesh fabric faja sculpts your legs to give you perfect curves.
  •       3D Sewing: Located in the buttocks area, it models the buttocks and region without tightening.
  •    Strategically Designed Crotch: Overlapping makes for easy trips to the bathroom. It has a cotton lining that eliminates the use of panties.

3- Built-In Shapewear Modal Soft Lounge Dresses

They are pieces that deliver extreme comfort through the soft modal fabric that hugs your body in full. It is available in three styles:

1.     1- Slip Mini Dress: Ideal to be part of your collection of basic essentials. It can be used in many occasions, with different types of shoes and overlays.

2.    2- Slip Maxi Dress: A Maxi Dress is stylish and can be just the right outfit for a mother going to the parent-teacher conference at her children's school. Believe me, you will be the most beautiful of all.

3.    3- Long Sleeve Maxi Dress: Perfect for going to family or church gatherings. It will also be used a lot during winter and autumn.

Using one of the lounge dresses the tummy is flat through the double layer panel in the waist area. It has an open reinforcement that facilitates your trips to the bathroom. It has a built-in bra that supports the breasts with removable pads that adapt according to your needs. Aligns posture and delivers hourglass shape in seconds.

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